Terms Of Use for our website

Why these conditions?

Our Terms of Use determine how you can make use of our website tetravision.be.

They must be read together with our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy, which specify how your personal data are processed and which cookies are used.

Users of our website must agree to these Terms of Use. They do, however, not apply to our services.

We can make changes to these conditions and to our website

These Terms of Use are regularly revised.

Use of our website is always subject to the most recent version of our Terms of Use.

Use of our website is free of charge. The content of our website can be adapted, suspended or removed by us at any time.  We cannot guarantee the availability of our website or any of its content.

How can you use the content on our site?

We hold all copyrights relating to our website and the material published on it (such as texts, information in any form, images, diagrams, etc.). These works are protected all over the world by copyright laws and treaties.

This material may not be used or communicated in any way without our prior, express and written consent.

When this content is used elsewhere, it must be referred to us clearly, visibly and expressly as a source with a link to our website.

Linking to our website

You may refer to our website, provided that:

  • it is done in an honest and legal manner,
  • it does not damage or exploit our reputation,
  • you add a clear and legally correct reference.

Without our prior, express and written consent, you may not:

  • imply any form of cooperation, approval or support from us,
  • frame our website on other sites.

We reserve the right to withdraw the (implicit) permission for links without prior notice.

Which legislation applies in case of disputes?

Disputes fall under Belgian law and will be heard by Leuven court of law, which has exclusive jurisdiction.