• TetraVision Quality Inspection Service

Full dimensional analysis

  • Drawing dimensions

    Distances, coördinates, angles, single points…

  • Complete GD&T checks

    Flatness, parallelism, position, profile…
    With all the correct datum systems.

  • Airfoil specific analysis

    Camber line, profile twist and position, chord length, stacking axis…

Dimensional analysis in the GOM Inspect Software

Graphical reporting

GD&T visual representation with the GOM Inspect software
  • Make your quality visual

    We believe in crystal clear inspection reports that make the dimensional quality of your part visual.

  • Compact and complete

    Our goal is to make the reports as compact as possible without leaving out the important stuff.

  • Modern 3D inspection

    Wallthickness, Average mesh, Sections, Curve based analysis… We have a lot of tools available to make an in depth inspection.

Our choice of technology

  • Very graphical inspection

    We use color plots and sections to make the dimensional quality of your part visual

  • Multi part statistics

    We can measure multiple parts and bundle the results in one clear report

  • Strong automation possibilities

    We can build scripts that automate virtually any task