CT scan of a plastic toy car

TetraVision digitized this toy car using industrial CT technology.

Although it is a toy, it’s still a very good example of what can be achieved with CT scanning in general. The same goes for more high-end industrial plastic samples for the automotive or medical industry for example.


  • Design a lightweight fixture out of foam to hold the part in place during the CT scan.
    This needs to be stable enough so that there is no movement of the part, but it also needs to be very lightweight so that there is still good contrast with the plastic material of the part.
  • Define the optimal CT settings and zoom range (voxel size).
  • Let the scanner do the work and scan the part.

Used technology

  • ZEISS Metrotom 6 scout
  • GOM Volume Inspect Pro

Post processing

  • The volume of the CT scan is polygonised (surface determination) to a triangular mesh.
  • This mesh is then thinned a bit to reduce the size of the data.
  • The result is a watertight stl-file with a high amount of details.
CT scan of a complete toy car