Industrial X-ray CT scanning or Computed Tomography

An illustration of the complete process

X-ray tomography or CT scanning is a form of non-destructive 3D scanning. It allows you to capture the complete outside surface, but also the internal structure of an object without the need to destroy it.

We use this technique a lot in our metrology services for the quality inspection of plastics. You can also have a look at this case of a 2-pin connector. It’s another good example of a typical CT scan and the results that you can get with it.

Since most of the other samples that we scan for our clients are under an NDA agreement, we picked a toy car for children built out of different pieces of plastic to show the complete process. With the scan data of this object we can illustrate some of the principles and dive a bit deeper in the different results of industrial CT scanning.

Have a look at our case study CT scan of a plastic toy car to discover some more results of this scan.

Industrial CT scan of a toy car